Can you hear the trees?

Can you hear the trees?

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it would it make a sound?

absolutely not.

seriously though it would make no sound.

noise is sound waves vibrating through the air until your ear converts the vibration into an electric impulse which your brain deciphers as sound.

if there is no one there to hear it, then the sound waves will never be converted in to actual sound.

so no. I don’t think it would make a sound. You can’t really test that though because as soon as you listen you will hear sound… it is impossible to actually study because you would always hear the sound if you are there watching it.

its just a Highdea.


Picky Tongues: Sweet

If I had to give up one of my tastes it would be sweet.

I LOVE sweets; brownies, sugar cookies, nutella, ice-cream… it is all fantastic.

That is why I would give it up, if I couldn’t taste it then I wouldn’t eat so much of it. I think that a lot of diabetes could be cured by taking away everyone’s tastebud for sweets. (I don’t have diabetes… but it is much harder to lose 10 lbs when you want to eat cookies every time you get high). Imagine how much healthier America would be with out a craving for sugar!

Then again… it would really hurt the baking industry.





I wish I could have seen the first guy to take a shot, take a shot

Distilling is a long and difficult process. (I watched a show on travel channel about it one time)

How in the name of sweet baby Jesus did anyone figure out how to do that?

I wish that I could travel back in time to witness the first shot being taken… and then understand how said person managed to convince the rest of his friends to drink it too. Let’s all face it… alcohol tastes horrible. I love it, I drink copious amounts every weekend, but it literally tastes like a Dragon pissed in my throat. 

SOMEHOW someone was able to convince all of his friends and himself to drink enough of it to have fun. It takes a few shots to even feel anything, so they managed to down a lot of horrible liquid without even knowing the rewards. 

How do you think that conversation went?

  • Hey Guys… try this! It is good I promise, help me drink it all… I want to share because it tastes soooooo good,
  • Um Jerry… this tastes like shit. Burning shit…. why are you still drinking it?
  • Umm Guys…. because it makes me feel like I am invincible and really helps your dancing skills. 
  • Sure Jerry… sure

That was probably not it… but still I wish I could have actually seen the very first drunk person… and then the very first hang over.


It is just a Highdea. 


Maybe We are Dolls in a Dollhouse

The other day my friend brought this idea up to me.

What if we are all living in a giant doll house for a universe even bigger than our own.

At first I immediately jumped to the ending of one of the Men in Black movies (idk which one.. give me a break) when the scene pans out to show universes enclosed in each other like a Russian Pocket Doll.



Now I am thinking about this concept further… what if we are???

Maybe that is where the alien theories came from! The aliens that helped us build pyramids and such were actually the doll house makers! Perhaps the alien child decided to play in the sand and then BLAMO!! the Pyramids are built.

Maybe our earth is on one of those solar system mobiles, but for the giant alien baby’s crib.


Okay, so even my high ass mind is having problems conceptualizing the logistics here….. but still

it’s a Highdea.

Oh Misty Eye of the Mountain Below….

Why does the ring turn you and all your clothes invisible?

How is that all the inanimate objects on Bilbo’s body also become invisible? That doesn’t make sense…. his clothes are not a part of him… they are just ON him right?

Shouldn’t it be like the invisible man??

invisible man

His body should be invisible… but his clothes would be seen.

That is just highidea


I see fire burn auburn on the mountain sideeee


How Do We Know Colors?

A question that has long been on my mind… How do we know a color?

Think about it….

We are taught that Red is Red, but is red really RED?!?

Perhaps, the red that I see is actually a blueish color to you; you just learned that the blue is called red.

There is no way to truly get to the bottom of this debacle because the only way to describe a color that we see is to name it by the color we learned it to be called….

Describe the stripe on the far left.



It is green right? Can you describe what green is though?

You could tell me it is the same color as grass, but what if I see grass as the same slightly different shade or color as this stripe? Green is not the same visually as the green you see..!

It just a highdea to consider when you see the world.