How Do We Know Colors?

A question that has long been on my mind… How do we know a color?

Think about it….

We are taught that Red is Red, but is red really RED?!?

Perhaps, the red that I see is actually a blueish color to you; you just learned that the blue is called red.

There is no way to truly get to the bottom of this debacle because the only way to describe a color that we see is to name it by the color we learned it to be called….

Describe the stripe on the far left.



It is green right? Can you describe what green is though?

You could tell me it is the same color as grass, but what if I see grass as the same slightly different shade or color as this stripe? Green is not the same visually as the green you see..!

It just a highdea to consider when you see the world.


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