Maybe We are Dolls in a Dollhouse

The other day my friend brought this idea up to me.

What if we are all living in a giant doll house for a universe even bigger than our own.

At first I immediately jumped to the ending of one of the Men in Black movies (idk which one.. give me a break) when the scene pans out to show universes enclosed in each other like a Russian Pocket Doll.



Now I am thinking about this concept further… what if we are???

Maybe that is where the alien theories came from! The aliens that helped us build pyramids and such were actually the doll house makers! Perhaps the alien child decided to play in the sand and then BLAMO!! the Pyramids are built.

Maybe our earth is on one of those solar system mobiles, but for the giant alien baby’s crib.


Okay, so even my high ass mind is having problems conceptualizing the logistics here….. but still

it’s a Highdea.


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