Good Thing They Will Never See It

At first I thought about how incredibly offensive to the Amish community this commercial is…. then I realized that the Amish will never ever see it (You know.. because they don’t have TV)!!!

For real though, this is very culturally insensitive…


Waffles are just square pancakes right?


I put the pancake mix in the waffle iron and it is now proven that waffles are not, in fact, square pancakes.

They just didn’t taste as good.

I love pancakes. I really don’t understand how making them cubicle changes the way they taste so drastically. It is crazy.

Waffles made with waffle mix taste better than waffles made with pancake mix.

I have not yet test the other way around…. I love pancakes too much risk making a bad round with waffle mix.

Why are they different through? I don’t understand how it is not just the exact same recipe cooked slightly differently.  How did someone figure out that if they add egg and oil  and whatever it tastes better when cooked on a grid.

Just a highdea.

What do we really look like?

There is the perception you have in your head.

There is the perception you have when you actually see herself (like in a mirror or a picture)

And then there is the perception of how you think you look to other people..

So how can you ever know what you ACTUALLY look like? When I was looking in the mirror just now, I started to wonder how I really look. I personally think that I am pretty, most people around me agree, I get lots of dates and free drinks… so I think that I correct in saying I’m pretty. But HOW pretty? Do I think that I’m prettier than I really am…. or do I think that I am less attractive than I really am?

Every time I look at a picture of me I am already biased.

They say we are our worst critics… how mean are we to ourselves???? How do we get to the point where we can see ourselves unbiasedly? Can anyone ever really see something for real?

When I saw the score of the Brazil vs Germany game….blam

I thought that I was so high when I turned on the soccer game that my brain had literally started making things up.

I turn on the semi-final game in the 87th minute and when I saw that it was 0-7.. then 1-7…. Germany my head was not comprehending.

How is Brazil A) losing and B)losing by that much!

I don’t watch much soccer, but I never even knew a team could score that much… Every game I hear is like “This has been a really close, exciting game at 0-1.


Cream cheese is bad milk..

I am eating some cream cheese wontons… because they are delicious… and fully accepted the fact I was literally eating bad milk.

That is what cheese is you know, the bad parts of milk.

We literally eat.. and delight… in shitty milk.

On the same train of thought as the other night about the first guy to try alcohol… who was the first person to look at the rotten milk and take the curds out and then proceed to eat them. WTF?

At that point, who was the first person to milk a cow? That is weird. Seriously, really weird.

We drink another animals baby food… the only animal to drink the breast milk of another species…. and then eat when it goes bad.

I love it though…. cheese… rotten milk… on bread… like a grilled cheese.

what a highdea.

How did they draw maps?

Before we had satellites and spaceships to show us what the world looks like,

how did they draw the maps?

That is mind blowing…. how did anyone ever draw a decently accurate map? All the crevices and indents along the coastline… how far in the mountains are… how the rivers wind around. How did they know that?

Think about it. Someone had to ride in a boat or on a horse around the entire coastline and somehow draw it all to scale. That is seriously amazing.

We picture ourselves as superbly intelligent in today’s world with our “progress”, but seriously…. drawing a map while walking along the coast is way more impressive. I think people were smarter back then… they had to figure everything out from scratch.

We only see farther because we stand not the shoulders of giants.

Just a Highdea