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Burnt fingers

Making edibles is one of my favorite past times with my boyfriend (one of many lol). We make the oil and insert it into a mix of our choosing. We have made cookies, cookie bars, truffles, and tonight— brownie bites. 
First we bought coconut oil. We have decided coconut oil works the best. Apparently it has to do with the high fat content in coconut oil absorbing the THC more effectively. 

A key component is baking the weed on 270 for about an hour and letting it rest with a tsp of Everclear before simmering in the oil to make the most potent serving. 

On one of the first attempts led to the high as fuck feeling. After eating a 1/4 of a brownie each we headed to the local bar down the street to play old school arcade games and hang out. Our friends started wandering around the bar like homeless zombies; we sank into the magical abyss of the couch in the corner. The bouncer obviously kicked the zombies out and we went home to watch Scooby. 

One of my favorite snacks were lemon truffles. Take lemon cookies in the food processor until it is coarsly ground. Add the oil–1/2 cupish– and mix together. Add a tablespoon of cream cheese for texture. Form balls, put in the freezer, and  boom!  If you want you can dip the frozen balls in melted white chocolate. I would recommend using parchment paper and letting the balls warm up slightly to avoid breaking your teeth. 
The only other problem is eating too many because they are delicious! Be careful not to burn your fingers taking the pan out too! 
Just a highdea 


Real Time Cooking

I would like to see a live time cooking special once a week. Traditional cooking shows jump in time making it less interactive and harder to follow. The advent of DVR and “pause” can correct some issues, but what a spectacle a live cooking even would be! 

It could be a dinner and a show with a new artists featured every week. While the steak fajitas are sizzling away the audience can watch a performance. The audience can actually chop, stir, and bake at the same time as the host. 

Just a highdea 

Food festivals

We have so much food in the US that we have festivals dedicated to one of each kind. We have so much if every type of food we can have competitions based on one food.

I am currently watching Eating America where the guy from the new show Blackish goes to various festivals and checks out the food. He is currently at the Strawberry Festival in Illinois…. So many strawberries it is hard to fathom. Some countries don’t even have enough to sustain it’s people.. And we eat food as a competition.

What a highdea

Caffeine and Pot.. The ying and yang of my day

This weekend I drank 5 cups of coffee and then smoked all day… It was mind blowing. I literally was so productive, yet unstressed. Here is all the things I have done:

Baked a lemon cake
Went to the store
Dyed my hair
Baked cupcakes
Made a sandwich
Watched football
Exercised (kinda)
Okay really I just laid in the floor and “stretched”
Did laundry
Killed a spider
Cleaned my closet
Baked cookies

Then at the end of it all.. I felt incredibly sick. Never ever drink 5 cups of coffee. Seriously, fuck that shit

A bad highdea

Waffles are just square pancakes right?


I put the pancake mix in the waffle iron and it is now proven that waffles are not, in fact, square pancakes.

They just didn’t taste as good.

I love pancakes. I really don’t understand how making them cubicle changes the way they taste so drastically. It is crazy.

Waffles made with waffle mix taste better than waffles made with pancake mix.

I have not yet test the other way around…. I love pancakes too much risk making a bad round with waffle mix.

Why are they different through? I don’t understand how it is not just the exact same recipe cooked slightly differently.  How did someone figure out that if they add egg and oil  and whatever it tastes better when cooked on a grid.

Just a highdea.

Cream cheese is bad milk..

I am eating some cream cheese wontons… because they are delicious… and fully accepted the fact I was literally eating bad milk.

That is what cheese is you know, the bad parts of milk.

We literally eat.. and delight… in shitty milk.

On the same train of thought as the other night about the first guy to try alcohol… who was the first person to look at the rotten milk and take the curds out and then proceed to eat them. WTF?

At that point, who was the first person to milk a cow? That is weird. Seriously, really weird.

We drink another animals baby food… the only animal to drink the breast milk of another species…. and then eat when it goes bad.

I love it though…. cheese… rotten milk… on bread… like a grilled cheese.

what a highdea.

Picky Tongues: Sweet

If I had to give up one of my tastes it would be sweet.

I LOVE sweets; brownies, sugar cookies, nutella, ice-cream… it is all fantastic.

That is why I would give it up, if I couldn’t taste it then I wouldn’t eat so much of it. I think that a lot of diabetes could be cured by taking away everyone’s tastebud for sweets. (I don’t have diabetes… but it is much harder to lose 10 lbs when you want to eat cookies every time you get high). Imagine how much healthier America would be with out a craving for sugar!

Then again… it would really hurt the baking industry.