More about the Mystery Gang

I was thinking about Scooby Doo some more…

How do they afford to go on all these vacations? They have been to Egypt and the alps and all over the US… What is their job?

Shaggy obviously doesn’t have one, he just sells weed.. And Daphne is rich.. But do Fred and Velma get their green from?

How old are they?

When are their birthdays?

What is their favorite color? Middle names? What are Velma and shaggys last name? Is that even Shaggys real name??

I would really like to know more about them as people.


Miss America in Undies

I just finished with the swim suit portion of miss America. It is awkwardly bizarre to watch 20 women just walk in heals and tiny bikinis.

Why don’t they just call it what it is… The “I really want to see you naked but this is prime time so let’s put you in as few clothes as possible and call it fitness wear so no one gets bent out of shape for objectifying and sexualizing the woman form” portion of the competition.

Swimsuits often cover more skin than underwear. Why do we count underwear as inappropriate and something that be seen but then swim suits are fine.

Food festivals

We have so much food in the US that we have festivals dedicated to one of each kind. We have so much if every type of food we can have competitions based on one food.

I am currently watching Eating America where the guy from the new show Blackish goes to various festivals and checks out the food. He is currently at the Strawberry Festival in Illinois…. So many strawberries it is hard to fathom. Some countries don’t even have enough to sustain it’s people.. And we eat food as a competition.

What a highdea

Love and heart break is the same

You know that feeling when you are in love.. You’re stomach hurts because you are so happy and you feel this crazy indescribable strong feeling throughout your whole body!

Then you break up and your stomach hurts and you are so sad and you feel the pain throughout your body….

But it is kinda the same feeling, just flipped. When you look at the symptoms they are the same, but one is so amazing and good while the other hurts so much.

Being high I can re-feel both. When I’m happy and high I feel so happy it mimicked love. I get the same feelings I remember feeling when I was in love. But if I’m already in a sad mood and I get high I swear I can feel the way I felt after the worth break up I’ve ever had.

I just feel the THC in my brain, I swear.

Just a highdea

Caffeine and Pot.. The ying and yang of my day

This weekend I drank 5 cups of coffee and then smoked all day… It was mind blowing. I literally was so productive, yet unstressed. Here is all the things I have done:

Baked a lemon cake
Went to the store
Dyed my hair
Baked cupcakes
Made a sandwich
Watched football
Exercised (kinda)
Okay really I just laid in the floor and “stretched”
Did laundry
Killed a spider
Cleaned my closet
Baked cookies

Then at the end of it all.. I felt incredibly sick. Never ever drink 5 cups of coffee. Seriously, fuck that shit

A bad highdea